How To Buy A Non toxic mattress

Getting around the Toxic Fire-Resistant’s

How to Buy A Non-Toxic Mattress
How to Buy A Non-Toxic Mattress

As per many country laws, the mattresses are required to contain fire-resistant materials. Unluckily, the cheapest and the most common way to make a mattress fire-resistant is to drench it in toxic chemicals. Luckily, there are a few alternatives available in the market:

Various organic mattresses are available in the market, which pass the fire standards by using wool. Because wool is a fiber and it has natural fire retardant properties. For this purpose, many companies use only pure wool. But some black sheep’s still exist in the mattress industry which use the wool with chemical treatments in order to boost the wool’s fire resistance.

Unfortunately, some of the naturally occurring elements in the sheepskin are thought to create toxic sleeping conditions. However, we cannot say this definitively, but we so believe that organic wool may be different. More on what we discovered about the “naturally occurring” wool chemicals will be discussed later in this article.

Some other workarounds include using boric acid or hydrated silica. We think that using hydrated silica is fine, but we personally would recommend you to avoid boric acid. It may be a great natural way to deal with the roaches, but it is still a roach killer!


Beware of the Misleading Organic Product Labels

Just because a mattress company claims to sell organic mattresses. It does not mean that it is non-toxic. Actually, this depends on the materials used in the mattress. We can call a mattress organic if it contains organic components like organic cotton filling or an organic cotton surface fabric. Some of the organic mattresses have an organic cotton filling with a vinyl covering. Such mattresses have all the right to be called organic mattresses. However, because these mattresses have a vinyl covering and most likely some chemical fire retardants as well, we obviously cannot call them the “Healthy Mattresses”.


Therefore, we recommend you to check into all the materials used in the mattress. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be quite difficult to get full disclosure from the manufacturer or the retailer. You must keep in mind the following things:

How to Buy A Non-Toxic Mattress
How to Buy A Non-Toxic Mattress


Wool covers may be water-resistant but they are not 100% waterproof

Remember that if your mattress has a cotton layer underneath the wool it can get wet and mildew. To avoid this, we advise you to go with a naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and anti-microbial natural latex mattress. In addition, you can also consider buying an organic mattress with a waterproof layer made of low-density polyethylene.

Latex may contain certain proteins that are allergenic

Latex used in the mattresses is not 100% pure. There is always some chemical processing done to convert the latex into a foam block. Many mattresses are called natural latex, which actually are a blend of natural rubber and toxic chemicals. Therefore, if you want to buy a latex mattress for your baby, you must dig deep to find the mattress that is as pure as possible.


Lastly, if you cannot afford a new non-toxic mattress then it is not wise to replace the old one with a conventional mattress. We probably would not recommend you to do so. Though it contains less fungus and bacteria, but the smell that it comes with is an indication that it is off-gassing tons of chemicals into the air. If we were you, we would rather wrap our old mattresses and start saving for a better one down the road.


Mattress buying guide

We assume if you are reading this guide, then you are definitely planning to purchase a new mattress. There may be several intentions behind this purchase. Maybe your current mattress is not comfortable and you wake up tired or maybe you just want a bigger size mattress. In each case, our goal is to help you select the right mattress so you do not regret wasting your money on a worthless mattress in the future.  In this article, we will discuss some basics that are essential to consider for selecting the right mattress.

Mattress buying guide
Mattress buying guide

Choosing the Right Mattress

What are the characteristics that one should look for while purchasing a new mattress?  Well, a mattress should be structured such that it keeps you in proper alignment while not causing any pressure to the body. There are some major and minor factors to look for while selecting a mattress. We are going to discuss these factors briefly.

  1. The Major Mattress Factors

Support and comfort are the two major factors to look for in a new mattress.

Testing for Support in a Mattress

Support is the most important factor to look for while finding the right mattress. Human body is not straight. It has curves. People have different sleeping patterns. Some sleep on their back, others sleep on their side, or stomach.  A mattress must support the body’s curves and arches. Just as a good shoe will have arch support. Consider the following image:


You can see that the mattress dips down around her hips and shoulders, but the spine is in proper alignment. If the mattress is too hard, your hips and shoulders would be pushed up and your spine would not be straight. Sleeping in such a position for too long may cause severe backache. The exact consequences would occur if the mattress is too soft. You will sleep on it like a hammock. A mattress should contour to the shape of your body and hold it in its neutral alignment.

Testing for Comfort in a Mattress

Comfort is the second most important criteria to look for while selecting the right mattress. A good mattress is a pressure reliever. A hard mattress causes pressure to your body as it cuts off circulation and pinches nerves. If this occurs, you will have to change your positions frequently.



  1. The Minor Mattress Factors

The minor criteria that you should look for when searching for a good mattress are:

Motion Transfer

If you have to share your bed with a partner, then minimizing the motion transfer is a major concern. If the mattress transfers too much motion to your side of the bed then you will always be at a risk of waking up. Especially if your partner gets in or out of bed, or changes positions. We recommend you to try the mattress with your partner in the store to check how much motion your feel when your partner switch positions while your back is turned.

Edge Support 

The mattress should have a strong edge support, especially if you sit or sleep near the edge of the bed. Most of the mattresses use an upgraded foam encasement around the edge, but some of the cheap mattress varieties use a steel rod on the side. Foam encasement, in this case, is a better option.

Bed is an important part of pressure injury prevention

In order to prevent and treat pressure injuries, one has to be strategically proactive in the selection of beds. Careful consideration in this regard is vital and should be a part of ones individualized pressure management strategy and plan. Understanding the specifications of a bed, especially its support surface, is a very important part of a pressure injury treatment and prevention program. Every person needs different support surface properties; one must take into account the individual risk factors, their varying levels of tissue tolerance, and the current pressure area(s), if any.

Bed is an important part of pressure injury prevention
Bed is an important part of pressure injury prevention

The pressure relieving foam mattresses come in different range patterns, from low specification mattress to high specification mattress – a low standard specification mattress will not meet all pressure injury prevention requirement. A support surface that provides shear reduction, enhanced pressure redistribution and microclimate control is essential for a very high-level pressure care.
When considering the type of support surface that a customer may require as per his individual requirements, it is very important to consider the pressure injury risk factors, body mass, body temperature, transfers/ mobility, comfort and moisture.

When considering the most appropriate pressure management plan, we advise you to match the pressure care requirements of an individual to both the bed and the mattress. It is wise to consider the amount of profiling that each bed and mattress allows for, as the greater ability to profile provides increased repositioning ability and pressure redistribution. Using a frame that conforms to one’s body shape, posture, and lying position, supports the natural anatomical positioning and increases the envelopment properties.  Moreover, the mattress compensation within a bed protects an individual’s skin integrity.

Important Considerations While Selecting a Support Surface

It is very crucial to select and purchase a support surface that fulfills the individual’s needs. The below mentioned factors may help to consider the pressure redistribution needs of an individual.

  • Take into account the individual’s level of inactivity and immobility and inactivity;
  • Consider the individual’s need for shear reduction and microclimate control;
  • Size and weight of the individual is also an important consideration while selecting a support surface;
  • Risk for the development of new pressure injuries matters a lot; and
  • The location of existing pressure injurie(s), number, and its severity must also be considered.

The pressure redistributing support surfaces are specially designed to reduce the interface pressure i.e., to increase the body surface area that comes in contact with the support or to sequentially adjust the parts of the individual’s body that bear load, hence decreasing the duration of loading at any given anatomical site.

Instead of using a non-high specification reactive foam mattress, use a high specification reactive foam mattress for all the individuals assessed as being at risk for pressure injuries. It is important to review the characteristics of mattresses that are used in the facility for pressure injury prevention to ensure that they are high specification foam mattresses. Consider using other reactive support surfaces for the individuals that are at risk of pressure injury development.

For individuals at a high risk of pressure injury development, use an active support surface (overlay or mattress). Especially when frequent manual repositioning is not possible. When selecting an alternating pressure mattress one should consider the pressure injury risk, individual’s comfort requirement, and foam effectiveness that is determined through regular skin assessments.

How to Choose a Mattress

Purchasing a new bed is a daunting process. There are so many things that we need to consider before bringing a new bed home. These minor considerations can sometimes be overwhelming. So many mattress varieties are available in the market and they all look almost the same. Choosing the best mattress from these identical white mattresses is a very tough job because they may all look the same but not all of them have the specifications that you desire. Consequently, you are most likely to feel confused and overwhelmed. Chances are that your initial excitement may disappear as soon as you enter the mattress shop. But we have a good news for everyone who is considering to purchase a new mattress. We are going to provide a guide on the important things to consider when buying a new mattress.

How to Choose a Mattress
How to Choose a Mattress

The Partner Disturbance Issue

If you are sharing your bed with a partner then his/her disturbance will be an issue. Everyone has his/her own sleeping style and this difference may result in poor sleep patterns. Because of their partner’s sleeping movements many people often suffer from interrupted sleep. In order to minimize this issue it is wise to purchase a bed made of materials that balance the weight. Purchase a bed that does not bounce or creak every time you or your partner move.

Find the Right Support Provider

A proper support-providing mattress is vital to a healthy sleep. Find a mattress that gently supports your body at all points and keeps your spine in a neutral position. This helps to avoid spinal aches in the morning. Pay attention to your pressure points such as your shoulders, hips, and lower back. For its excellence in postural design, the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association endorses Torquezone spring system.

Durability Is the Key

There is an old saying, “You get what you pay for”.  This applies to mattresses as in everything else. If you economize and compromise on your mattress quality chances are that you might be paying later with a premature wear and tear. A mattress does not last forever, but if you invest in one that is of high quality then you will get your money’s worth.

Prevent Allergies

It is surprising but a bed can be a source of allergies in your home. If you or your partner is prone to allergies, it is important to have a bed that uses hypoallergenic materials that are anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant.


When looking for a mattress, spend a few minutes lying on them for a test. You must trust your body when choosing a comfortable mattress. Since you spend around one third of your life lying on a mattress, take your time when buying a new one.

Environmental Concerns

People are now becoming more environmentally conscious. When choosing a new bed all they have in their minds is that, the mattress material should be gentle on the environment.  For this purpose, the DreamFoam material shines above the rest. It has a leading-edge carbon filtering system, which removes harmful emissions and toxins immediately.

5 Great Things to do Before Sleep


Reading is a very healthy activity to do before going to bed. It improves health and well-being. Below mentioned are some health benefits one may enjoy if you read a book before you doze off.

  • Reading improves cognitive function

People who have habit of reading regularly tend to perform better on tests of cognitive functioning than those who don’t read so often. According to research avid readers test higher for vocabulary and general knowledge than non-reader.  Mitigate mild mental health concerns such as feeling depressed or anxious?


  • Enhancement Of Sleep

According to studies, a relaxing reading habit can prepare the body for sleep and can actually help our mind to differentiate between sleep time and the stresses of daily life.


Assess your day

Every single night Benjamin Franklin, one of the founders of United States took the time to make an examination of the day. And it helped him stay focused on what he was doing, be sure that he’s making progress, understand where he needs to improve more and whether or not he’s happy with the results. Hence this shows that it’s a great thing to do at the end of the day as a part of evening routine. It takes 5-10 minutes hardly but it helps a person to evaluate his/her day’s work and have control over goals, tasks and progress.



Another powerful moment of the day, when your mind is as susceptible as in the morning, is when you going to sleep. So it is advisable to add some mantras. These positive affirmations (which one can say in the mirror for a better result) will stay in the mind when you sleep and will influence your confidence at great level, try have faith yourself, think of goals and dreams and how dedicated you are to them.


So let yourself know one more time before you go to bed that you are capable of achieving whatever it is that you put your mind to, that each day you’re getting closer to your dreams, that you’re focused on what’s important.


Listening to Music Before Sleep

Most people enjoy listening to music before bed because nothing favorite tunes helps to relax with after a long day’s work. And guess what? Listening to favorite beats before bed can actually help in improving the quality of sleep. Studies have shown that music has a positive effect on sleep. It helps in sleeping better, stay asleep for longer, and spend less time lying awake That alone is a good news for all with hectic routines, but that’s not all. People who listen to music before bed have also reported less disturbances during the night and have observed lessen depressive symptoms and increase brain function the following day. Know that feeling when you don’t get a good night’s sleep, and the next day you feel a little out of it? Listening to music before sleep can help in eliminating that feeling.


Stretch And Relax


After a long hectic day it is important to stretch and lie in a relaxing position. This is helpful when you have spent a good portion of the day hunched over a computer, or otherwise in postures that leave you with a lot of tension.



QUEEN Slat Bed with Headboard Black


After going through a tough hectic day we all desire for a cozy bed which will provide comfort and will not be the reason of crick in neck or low back pain.  Choosing a right bed is not only about how comfortable a mattress is but also count the contribution of your bed base at great deal.

This Queen Slat Bed saves the struggle on finding a bed frame with matching the slat base. The simple design allows the natural blend into all bedrooms and the flexible wooden slat base gives a great foundation for your bed. The Queen Slat Bed on extending the lifetime of expensive mattress act as a support by absorbing all the weight and stress. This slat base comes in a comfort package containing a headboard, bed frame & slat base, along with that a stress absorbing flexible slats metal beams & legs for sturdy support. The Upholstered headboard padded with 20mm foam and Upholstered frame padded with 5mm foam blend into home décor.


ANDES Wooden Mission Bed – QUEEN


Here comes the ANDES WOODEN MISSION BED proving us with a charming look to our bedroom furniture. It is manufactured using solid natural pine wood with matte finishing. So rather than going for those old-style beds base the Andes Wooden Mission Bed gives a new attractive look to the room. Other than being an attractive product the charm of this basic mission style is the moment when you without much effort install this base it blends into the bedroom space so well that it starts to match most of contemporary bedroom furniture.


MERI Wooden Slat Bed Base – QUEEN


If being a purchaser you are looking for a bed base that would be perfect for your small rooms or if you have an extra room that you want to make it as your guest room then the Meri Wooden Slat Bed Base is what you are looking for. We know that mattress is not the only thing that is considered of course the bed base is worth consideration too. Meri Wooden Slat has a basic contemporary design and is made with quality natural pine wood. The wood base is really strong with sturdy solid fixed slats. The solid slats gives great support for mattresses, it is durable and provide better sturdiness. One amazing point of this bed base is that it do not require maintenance nor demands big boxes. So this bed base is perfect for you if you do prefer no headboards, the wooden slat base has easy installation with all accessories included



DOUBLE Slat Bed with Headboard


The double slat bed with headboard is designed to fit the standard double mattress. The bed base is designed in such a way that the buyer do not need to worry of matching it with the room décor or the matching base. The sophisticated design allows the natural blend into all bedrooms, flexible wooden slat base provides a great foundation for your bed where you spend a vast amount of time on. The Upholstered headboard padded with 20mm quality foam helps in easy cleaning and extra comfort to enjoy the cozy read before sleep moment and we all know that there is no better place than home.

Contemporary Bedroom Style Ideas with PU Beds

The PU beds are really trendy these days. They come with new style that could easily fit into modern contemporary rooms. The beds have popular platform design, along with high profile tufted headboard and wrapped in a luxurious faux leather. PU platform bed with style and chrome effect legs are very classy for rooms these days. PU beds provide generous comfort along with durability. They are a good addition in the homes. The graceful sophistication trends down from this traditionally styled tufted scroll-top sleigh bed. The button tufting on the padding adds to the flowing lines of this ambitious piece. PU beds come with faux leather that blends with the unique look for a polished appeal that introduces a touch of timeless elegance to the bedroom. Attached to the bed are four short black wooden legs that add the perfect measure of height to finish off this innovative classic. Mentioned below are some PU bed descriptions:


PU Queen-Sized Bed

The PU Queen Size beds are very comfortable and a lot popular among the hotel owners who in order to attract and retain customers publicize their facilities specifying this bed in their pamphlets and other advertisements. They know these beds are excellent in giving the kind of comfort and relaxation along with classy look to the room. These PU beds come in beautiful black leather like by cast button tufted headboard. The bed holds oversized cases with shaped drawer fronts and brushed nickel hardware. This casual and contemporary feel in black finish will be perfect for most interiors. It is wise to mention here that the beds’ headboards are available in other colours too but black stands out always. The bed’s allure of understated elegance is irresistible.  They are durable and excellent item for your favorite room. These beds serve as the plus point in the room décor.


Foster Queen-Sized Storage PU Bed

In the Foster Queen sized PU beds come with a series of slats inserted across a mild steel frame. The steel frame form a flexible, trustworthy support for bed. Gently tug on a concealable strap at the foot of the divan to activate a fluid and strong gas lift mechanism. The PU beds coming with the supple PU leather wraps this entire creation, neatly sewn in place without a single staple in sight. The sellers of PU beds claim that if we exclude the foster queen sized PU bed from our “must buy list” then we will not only be missing one extremely comfortable bed kind but also miss the unique sleek design that adds to the beauty of the room. They are really affordable and truly worth the purchase.


Lien PU Upholstered Panel Bed - bed pu

The kind of PU bed that creates a simple and an elegant atmosphere in bedroom. The Lien PU beds feature a widely-scaled headboard that is decorated in a variety of beautiful colors to meet diverse needs and adjust with the room decor. The wooden legs add the contemporary look to the bed and this collection is capable enough to brighten up your bedroom to a new sense of style. The lien PU beds can be seen in rooms in famous hotels where VIP people book their stays.

bed pu

What is an Upholstered Bed?

Upholstered beds are beds having frames that are covered in soft fabrics. The purpose is of course to create a cozy feel within the range of covers. The upholstered beds are very comfortable very relaxing and luxurious in true sense, and this is the reason why they are quick in getting fame in getting popularity. These beds allow for a truly bespoke style, tailored to fix and set to meet any room in whichever it will be placed. Whether you’re redecorating or moving somewhere new, or you want to replace your old bed is starting to creak from wear and tear. So why not go for a bed that can truly match the look we want to create for our bedroom.

Upholstered Bed

As mentioned before they are quick in getting popularity and people find upholstered beds desirable for many reasons. The upholstered beds are in a great variety of sizes, styles, colors and materials. There is a variety in the categories. Upholstered beds are popular for many reasons particularly because a simple one is easy to make, even for novices. There are several choices for an upholstered bed, starting from relatively simple ones which have upholstered headboards only, to entire frames, which may be padded and covered in fabric. The frames come in different styles as well.



Selecting an Upholstered Bed:

Before going for the purchase of upholstered bed there are some points a person must consider before making or purchasing an upholstered bed:

  • Style and shape: Make a selection first that you want to go traditional bed or a more contemporary one?
  • Type: What type of bed will fulfill our need? A daybed kind? A platform bed? Or the one with posts?
  • Size: The Upholstered beds come in all different sizes ranging from Twin to Full, Queen or King.

Upholstered Bed Style Considerations:

There are some additional style considerations for upholstered beds:

  • The wall-mounted or attached to the bed frame: So the choice is yours if you want to attach the upholstered headboard to the bed frame or mount on the wall?
  • High, wide, or low: Do go for a wide headboard or a high one? The headboard may be wider than the bed creating a nice focal point in our room.
  • Fabric selection: Selection of texture or pattern? Have you selected the color of own choice?
  • If you want nail heads or not: Would you want to add nail heads to upholstered headboard? What color or size? A double row or single?

Upholstered bed bring simple style to our bedroom decor with this modern full size bed. The bed’s frame is crafted from black steel with a wood slat support system that allows you to place the mattress directly onto the frame without the need of a box spring. The assembling of beds provides plenty of storage space, while the open headboard completes the minimalist appeal of this stylish bed. Lastly, do you want a tufted headboard or panels? How about going for a frame or a wraparound style?

What are the Difference between PU Leather and Genuine Leather? – NZ Market

When we go for shopping in the NZ markets to buy a leather belt or anything made up of leather we see there are is some variety in their types. Leather is very much popular in Europe as it is an excellent material to wear or use in winter for example: leather shoes, gloves, jackets. The leather shoes and jackets are so much useful during winters and we also see the fish sellers wearing leather booths so you see you can use leather as a fashion wear and also for your job. There are gent’s belts that are made from genuine leather and at the same time in the same market perhaps you will see belt of many other materials that look like leather but are actually not leather. Here we are going to discuss two types of leathers, the PU or Polly leather and the genuine leather.  PU leather is the artificial or manufactured leather. There is a lot of difference between real leather and PU leather that one can understand from reading the bullets in the table below. In order to understand the difference between a PU leather and a genuine leather it is important to have proper knowledge of both the kinds. The experts say that the ones who know the difference know how to deal with the sellers during the purchase.

Often we see that the sellers trick their buyers during the purchase. For example when a buyer goes to buy the genuine leather the seller hands the leather object with a piece of cloth that is used to attach the back of the leather like chemical.  However this is not the only way to determine the difference. The experienced buyers of sellers know that a pure leather has a smooth surface. The reason behind is that the genuine leather is made up of animal hide. Animal hide is the skin of the animal that is went through under some chemical process to make it be available for the best of the consumers. Usually there are many animal such as camel, goat, sheep whose skin is used to make leather products but the skin of cows and buffaloes are the most common ones.

PU Leather

  • PU leather is relatively cheaper
  • PU material is less durable
  • This material is extremely pliable
  • PU leather has shiny appearance and generally is far less thick than genuine leather
  • PU leather requires very little maintenance such as cleaning and wiping.
  • It is always man made and not animal skin. Artificial in nature.

Genuine Leather

  • Genuine is expensive
  • Genuine Leather is very durable
  • It is not very pliable
  • Real leather is obtained by the treatment of animal skin

Despite the fact that the leather comes in many different forms, I believe that when you speak of a real leather, you are talking about the full-grain leather that has not been sanded, split, nor treated with any special compounds (excluded with the tanning process) that would decrease from the original thickness, strength, or durability



Shall I Choose Slat Bed Base or Box Spring?

Discussions forums are loaded with the arguments on which mattress type should be prefer over other. Choice of Slat bed base or box spring depends merely on personal opinion and preferences. Both possess some benefits and hindrances. Further in this article, for better insight of reader, I will discuss advantages and disadvantages of both.

Box Spring Bed Base

A Box Spring is a sort of bed base commonly comprising of a strong wooden casing shrouded in fabric and containing springs. Normally the case spring is put over a wooden or metal bed frame that sits on the floor and goes about as a support.

As the structure of Box Spring have springs that will act as shock absorber hence save mattress from damages and prevent sagging. This will increase the life of mattress and reduces the variable cost.
Due to heavy weight, Box Spring does not move. And as it is in solid block its obstacle to shift give it’s a good edge
Its tendency to less brokerage and hold up bouncing makes it perfectly suitable for families with kids.

  • Disadvantages
    They certainly are not an eye candy. They come in one type of designs certainly not preferable for most of the customer who have good taste for designs.
    No perks of extra storage space.
    Where its weight is virtue, it is also a vice when it comes to airing the mattress or shifting it.
    Box mattress is high cost. This can be arguing over high quality but having high cost is always a disadvantage.
    It has high degree of metal that can be injurious to health.



Slat Bed Base

A Slat Bed Base is a sort of bed base commonly comprising of bulk of wooden slabs that give support surface for the latex mattress, spring or memory foam sits on these. These slats are movable and one can adjust according to firmness and ease.


  • Advantages
    Slats bed bases make eye catching and trendy designs that cannot be make with use of Box Spring Mattress.
    In the era of congestion, Slat Bed Base gives an extra storage space below the bed.
    Airing mattress with slat base is a lot easier as compare to box spring mattress.
    Slats are low cost.
    It’s easier to move and shift
    It has a less degree of metal that is so far consider better for health.
  • Disadvantages
    Slat bed base reduces the life time of mattress if not given proper support. It cannot absorb shock, putting mattress of risk of damage.
    Slats can shift, move and break they need constant maintenance.
    Slats are not flexible hence tends to break quickly with bouncing.


Both of the bases have their own advantages and disadvantages and conclusion come over two basic point’s Convenience and Quality. These both mattresses serve their different purposes. Main specification of Spring Box Mattress in shock absorber likewise it is a shock absorber for your body. Whereas Slats bed space provides u convenience by providing extra storage space, easily movable, less costive and give decorative form to your room. It’s all about what kind of thing you need in your room. but in my view choose Box spring mattress unless you need to choose slats depending on situation.