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Mattress firmness is a very tricky topic. This is because mattress firmness is highly subjective. Every person has a different point of view regarding the difference between softness and firmness. Individual perspectives, desires and understanding may vary. Due to the confusion around this issue, we are writing this article to provide you a firmness guide. This will help you to break down different types of firmness and common myths about firmness and support. We hope that this will help sleepers find the ideal level of firmness.

How to Choose a Mattress
How to Choose a Mattress

What actually is Mattress Firmness and What Firmness Level Do You Need?

Firmness of a mattress is the initial feel you get when you first lie on it. There are different types of mattresses depending on their level of firmness. The mattress firmness level ranges from a scale 1-10. Where 1 for is very soft and 10 is for very firm mattress. The details are provided below:

  • Universal Comfort Mattress

Universal comfort mattress is made to suit the sleeping needs of most people. A universal comfort mattress reacts to your body in a way that makes you feel comfortable from all angles. This mattress has foam layers that can handle body type variations in a better way.

  • SoftMattress

These fall within the range of 3-5 on the firmness scale. The soft mattresses have a significant amount of sinkage and hug.

  • MediumMattress

These fall within the range of 6-7 on the firmness scale. These can be called the middle of road option for hug and sinkage and hug. Many of these can be considered as the universal comfort mattresses.

  • FirmMattress

These fall within the range of 7.5-10 on the firmness scale. These provide minimal hug or sinkage. These mattresses are specially designed to float the sleepers on top of the mattress surface.

What Firmness Level Is Most Suitable For You

What Firmness Level Is Most Suitable For You?

  • What position is your sleeping position?

This is perhaps the most crucial factor that you should keep in mind will determining the ideal firmness level for you. Side sleepers usually need a mattress that has firmness in the 3-6 out of 10 range. Stomach sleepers should go for the mattresses that are in the 5-7 firmness range. Back sleepers should buy a mattress that lies within the 4-8 range. Moreover, if you sleep in multiple postures then try to find a balanced level of firmness that matches these requirements.

  • What is your weight and your body type?

Your weight and body type is also an important factor that you should consider. If you weigh more then you should buy a thicker mattress that provides deeper compression support. Because the soft mattress can create too much sinkage due to increased weight and pressure. If you weigh less then you should buy a soft mattress because lighter sleepers typically engage more with the top mattress layers and less with the core layers. You should look for a mattresses whose top layers meet your firmness desires.

Remember, that you need to be careful with soft mattresses. Many times people buy a mattress because all they see in the mattress is the word “soft”. We would never recommend doing this because the soft mattress may turn out to be way too soft. This is why soft mattresses are the most returned mattresses in the industry so far.

  • Firmness and support are different

You should always remember that firmness and support are not the same. You can always find a good mattress that provides great support and is extremely soft. One that meet your pressure relief needs.


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