How to Choose a Mattress for Lower Back Pain

We grow up listening that proper diet and exercise are very important to live a happy and healthy life. Seldom are we informed about the benefits of a right mattress and the harmful effects of sleeping on a bad mattress. If you sleep on the wrong mattress, it can cause extreme lower back pain. This is because lack of support from a mattress can reinforce poor sleeping posture and pressurize your muscles. Moreover, a bad mattress does not help keep your spine in alignment, which contributes to low back pain.

Mattress for Lower Back Pain

Remember that your sleep comfort will be sacrificed if your mattress does not match your individual preferences. Mattresses that provide proper support help to reduce the lower back pain, hence allowing the structures in your spine to rest well and rejuvenate during the night.

Keeping in mind the vast varieties of mattresses available in the market, choosing the right mattress has become very difficult. In this article, we have discussed certain practical guidelines that are designed to help the patients with lower back pain choose the best mattress. One that provides both back support and sleep comfort.

  • You Must Determine What Mattress is Best Based On Your Personal Preferences

No single mattress style works well for all the people with low back pain. You can judge that a mattress is perfect for you if it allows you to sleep without pain and stiffness. The people who suffer from lower back pain should choose a mattress that meets their standards for support and comfort. The right mattress will allow them to get a good night sleep.

  • Always Understand and Inquire About the Mattresses Physical Components

The support that a mattress provides actually comes from its coils and inner springs. Mattresses vary in terms of their coil number and arrangements. All mattresses have a padding on their top and they come in different thicknesses. A mattress can lie anywhere between 7 to 18 inches deep in terms of their depth. You must wisely choose the type of padding, number of coils, and mattress depth based on your individual preferences.

  • Always Try to Find a Mattress With Proper Back Support

A good mattress should support your natural curves and spine alignment. The right amount of back support will help you to avoid muscle soreness when you wake up in the morning. A recent study has found that medium-firm mattresses provide more back pain relief as compared to the firm mattresses.

  • Try Achieving a Balance Between Comfort and Back Support.

In order to reduce lower back pain, comfort is equally important as sufficient back support. Sleeping on a firm mattress can cause pressure points, which may result in aches. A medium-firm mattress may be more suitable to provide comfort because it allows your shoulders and hips to sink in slightly. In order to get greater comfort, the patients buy a firm mattress with thicker padding.

  • Know When You Should Replace Your Old Mattress With a New One

If your mattress has become visibly saggy in the middle, it is the time to buy a new one. You can put a board under your mattress to keep it from sagging in the middle, but it is only a short-term fix. You will still have to purchase a new mattress.


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