New Zealand Standard Bed Sizes and Common Bed Designs & NZ Bed Size

Standard of bed sizes depends on the size of mattress, which differ from nation to nation. Mattress actual size may vary due softness or hardness of the material used. They also have layer contouring that is common in this type of furniture. Bed sizes likewise differ as per the size and level of ornamentation of the bed outline. Measurements and names differ significantly around the globe, with most nations having their own gauges and phrasing. There is more variety in New Zealand bed sizes than in Australian sizes with lengths and widths adjusted to both cycle 10cms and to royal estimations. As metrication turns out to be more imbued into society it is likely that sizes adjusted to 5 and 10 centimeters will turn into the standard. Selecting perfectly suited bed is a tricky business.

Marketers breakdown bed spectrum on the basis of size, design, texture, features and material. Purpose of it is to examine and categorize, effectively.

  • Standard sizes in Newzealand vary from single, king single, double, queen, king to super king. Every bed size is formed by keeping distinct purpose to serve from children to adults though preferences among Queen and King size is mere personal objectivity.

  • Different design gives recognizable features to bed that oftenly becomes their selling point.
  • In addition to these two key factors other factors also contributes like texture, tone and feel of the furniture

Sizes of Bed

  • Single 39”x 75”: It is also known as twin bed, best for one child or single medium heighted adult. It is perfect for guest room or smaller spaces.

  • Size: King Single: 39”x 80”:it is also knows as twin bed XL. XL stands for extra large; adds about5 inches in single bed size. It is equal to king bed divided in to two single beds.Its bed for the growing up kids as single bed does not support teenager sleepeffectively.

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  • Size: Double  54″x 75″:Thirty- forty years back it was considered asfull two adult sized bed when rooms were smaller as compare to today. Inpresent, it is used for single person or small rooms. It can be utilized fortwo persons. It’s almost the length of single bed.
  • Size:     Queen 60”x 80”:This is most popular bed today holding larger sales. Most exchanges aremake for Queen Size beds in Newzealand as well. It is perfect for two peoplewho like to save some space in the room. It is also popular for heavy sleepersingle adults.
  • Size: King 76”x 80”:This gives extra sixteen inches extra spaceadded to queen size in width as well length is equal to queen size bed. Ideal forcouple shares their bed with children or pets. It is suitable for large rooms.
  • Size:     Super King 72’’ x 84:Also known as California King. This sizes in far most the biggest sizeand customized made on customer demands. It gives enough space to a 6’3” personto spread around.

On the basis of demographics Newzealand have above mentioned standard sizes, ready to consume according to need. Many guides are available online for teaching customer which size they should prefer. Single beds are basically for children but of you have growing up children better is to choose king single bed. As for Queen size is good for couple but if couple who prefer personal sleeping space king and super king should be their first choice.

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