Most Popular Bed Designs, Materials and Features

Choosing a bed is more than just identifying the appropriate size for ones need. Trending and eye-catching designs, right material and up to date features also plays a vital role in selection for furniture.

Bed Designs

An overall look and a decorative pattern of a bed is what called a design. An ideal design is what defines actual structure and for of frame itself. Some of the trending designs are notify below:

  • Platform: A platform bed comprises of a frame made of flexible, movable rows of wood slats or latticed structure. It is slightly above the ground to support mattress ventilation. This frame provides enough support for a mattress purging the need of box spring mattress base.



  • Folding: Folding frame has a hinged structure and can be move around. This makes it useful for smaller places and guest bed rooms.


  • Panel: It consists of a foot and head boards connected by wooden rails. It gives a traditional and classy look to the bed. It can be found in wide range of polish color choices and also in only headboard versions.

  • Sleigh: Sleigh bed have wave-shaped design in their head and foot boards giving them a sleigh These beds have heavy wood structure. They have a historic background of French and American Empire 19th century periods.

  • Murphy: Its two in one design specially made to save extra space. Provide you with spacious cabinets and fold in single bed.


  • Trundle: This is another space saving idea. It gives you pair of bed. One is of standard size and other is slight small-slide in below the standard bed. It provides you an extra bed when needed.



  • Standard: It is a simple bed design with a metal frame.



  • Day: This bed design is again a space saving idea which can serves as couch in day and can be converted in bed late at night.


  • Poster: These are traditional beds with four vertical columns at each corner usually supporting upper panel.



  • Canopies have the same concept as poster except it is more decorative and funky.



Frame Material

Another consideration while purchasing a bed is frame material. Bed materials that are famous and most commonly used are as follow:

  • Metal: Metal material is saturated with the essence of modern age; give more versatility, lightness and oftenly fits well
  • Wood: Wood is the most historical and commonly used material in the history of furniture. It gives bed an antique and sophisticated look.
  • Wicker Rattan: its composition includes plants or plastic material is woven into harder substance giving it a lighter weight.



Other features that matters before purchase of s bed are

  • Upholstered headboard adds comfort, luxury and decorative factor to bed.
  • Good finishing of polish and other things add selling points to the product.
  • Extra storage space is always welcome. It adds the significant value to furniture.
  • Bookcase addition with the headboard is definitely a point addition.
  • Lighted headboards give a very sophisticated fancy taste to the bed.


The reason for this article was to enable purchasers to discover and buy a bed outline that is ideal for their living space and their financial plan. Purchasers can shop all the more productively when they recognize what is accessible, what to search for, and how to discover it. Despite what style, shape, and size individuals pick, the bed casing ought to be picked with mind since they can represent the moment of truth the vibe of the room and they are not effectively supplanted.


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