Shall I Choose Slat Bed Base or Box Spring?

Discussions forums are loaded with the arguments on which mattress type should be prefer over other. Choice of Slat bed base or box spring depends merely on personal opinion and preferences. Both possess some benefits and hindrances. Further in this article, for better insight of reader, I will discuss advantages and disadvantages of both.

Box Spring Bed Base

A Box Spring is a sort of bed base commonly comprising of a strong wooden casing shrouded in fabric and containing springs. Normally the case spring is put over a wooden or metal bed frame that sits on the floor and goes about as a support.

As the structure of Box Spring have springs that will act as shock absorber hence save mattress from damages and prevent sagging. This will increase the life of mattress and reduces the variable cost.
Due to heavy weight, Box Spring does not move. And as it is in solid block its obstacle to shift give it’s a good edge
Its tendency to less brokerage and hold up bouncing makes it perfectly suitable for families with kids.

  • Disadvantages
    They certainly are not an eye candy. They come in one type of designs certainly not preferable for most of the customer who have good taste for designs.
    No perks of extra storage space.
    Where its weight is virtue, it is also a vice when it comes to airing the mattress or shifting it.
    Box mattress is high cost. This can be arguing over high quality but having high cost is always a disadvantage.
    It has high degree of metal that can be injurious to health.



Slat Bed Base

A Slat Bed Base is a sort of bed base commonly comprising of bulk of wooden slabs that give support surface for the latex mattress, spring or memory foam sits on these. These slats are movable and one can adjust according to firmness and ease.


  • Advantages
    Slats bed bases make eye catching and trendy designs that cannot be make with use of Box Spring Mattress.
    In the era of congestion, Slat Bed Base gives an extra storage space below the bed.
    Airing mattress with slat base is a lot easier as compare to box spring mattress.
    Slats are low cost.
    It’s easier to move and shift
    It has a less degree of metal that is so far consider better for health.
  • Disadvantages
    Slat bed base reduces the life time of mattress if not given proper support. It cannot absorb shock, putting mattress of risk of damage.
    Slats can shift, move and break they need constant maintenance.
    Slats are not flexible hence tends to break quickly with bouncing.


Both of the bases have their own advantages and disadvantages and conclusion come over two basic point’s Convenience and Quality. These both mattresses serve their different purposes. Main specification of Spring Box Mattress in shock absorber likewise it is a shock absorber for your body. Whereas Slats bed space provides u convenience by providing extra storage space, easily movable, less costive and give decorative form to your room. It’s all about what kind of thing you need in your room. but in my view choose Box spring mattress unless you need to choose slats depending on situation.

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