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When we go for shopping in the NZ markets to buy a leather belt or anything made up of leather we see there are is some variety in their types. Leather is very much popular in Europe as it is an excellent material to wear or use in winter for example: leather shoes, gloves, jackets. The leather shoes and jackets are so much useful during winters and we also see the fish sellers wearing leather booths so you see you can use leather as a fashion wear and also for your job. There are gent’s belts that are made from genuine leather and at the same time in the same market perhaps you will see belt of many other materials that look like leather but are actually not leather. Here we are going to discuss two types of leathers, the PU or Polly leather and the genuine leather.  PU leather is the artificial or manufactured leather. There is a lot of difference between real leather and PU leather that one can understand from reading the bullets in the table below. In order to understand the difference between a PU leather and a genuine leather it is important to have proper knowledge of both the kinds. The experts say that the ones who know the difference know how to deal with the sellers during the purchase.

Often we see that the sellers trick their buyers during the purchase. For example when a buyer goes to buy the genuine leather the seller hands the leather object with a piece of cloth that is used to attach the back of the leather like chemical.  However this is not the only way to determine the difference. The experienced buyers of sellers know that a pure leather has a smooth surface. The reason behind is that the genuine leather is made up of animal hide. Animal hide is the skin of the animal that is went through under some chemical process to make it be available for the best of the consumers. Usually there are many animal such as camel, goat, sheep whose skin is used to make leather products but the skin of cows and buffaloes are the most common ones.

PU Leather

  • PU leather is relatively cheaper
  • PU material is less durable
  • This material is extremely pliable
  • PU leather has shiny appearance and generally is far less thick than genuine leather
  • PU leather requires very little maintenance such as cleaning and wiping.
  • It is always man made and not animal skin. Artificial in nature.

Genuine Leather

  • Genuine is expensive
  • Genuine Leather is very durable
  • It is not very pliable
  • Real leather is obtained by the treatment of animal skin

Despite the fact that the leather comes in many different forms, I believe that when you speak of a real leather, you are talking about the full-grain leather that has not been sanded, split, nor treated with any special compounds (excluded with the tanning process) that would decrease from the original thickness, strength, or durability



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