5 Great Things to do Before Sleep


Reading is a very healthy activity to do before going to bed. It improves health and well-being. Below mentioned are some health benefits one may enjoy if you read a book before you doze off.

  • Reading improves cognitive function

People who have habit of reading regularly tend to perform better on tests of cognitive functioning than those who don’t read so often. According to research avid readers test higher for vocabulary and general knowledge than non-reader.  Mitigate mild mental health concerns such as feeling depressed or anxious?


  • Enhancement Of Sleep

According to studies, a relaxing reading habit can prepare the body for sleep and can actually help our mind to differentiate between sleep time and the stresses of daily life.


Assess your day

Every single night Benjamin Franklin, one of the founders of United States took the time to make an examination of the day. And it helped him stay focused on what he was doing, be sure that he’s making progress, understand where he needs to improve more and whether or not he’s happy with the results. Hence this shows that it’s a great thing to do at the end of the day as a part of evening routine. It takes 5-10 minutes hardly but it helps a person to evaluate his/her day’s work and have control over goals, tasks and progress.



Another powerful moment of the day, when your mind is as susceptible as in the morning, is when you going to sleep. So it is advisable to add some mantras. These positive affirmations (which one can say in the mirror for a better result) will stay in the mind when you sleep and will influence your confidence at great level, try have faith yourself, think of goals and dreams and how dedicated you are to them.


So let yourself know one more time before you go to bed that you are capable of achieving whatever it is that you put your mind to, that each day you’re getting closer to your dreams, that you’re focused on what’s important.


Listening to Music Before Sleep

Most people enjoy listening to music before bed because nothing favorite tunes helps to relax with after a long day’s work. And guess what? Listening to favorite beats before bed can actually help in improving the quality of sleep. Studies have shown that music has a positive effect on sleep. It helps in sleeping better, stay asleep for longer, and spend less time lying awake That alone is a good news for all with hectic routines, but that’s not all. People who listen to music before bed have also reported less disturbances during the night and have observed lessen depressive symptoms and increase brain function the following day. Know that feeling when you don’t get a good night’s sleep, and the next day you feel a little out of it? Listening to music before sleep can help in eliminating that feeling.


Stretch And Relax


After a long hectic day it is important to stretch and lie in a relaxing position. This is helpful when you have spent a good portion of the day hunched over a computer, or otherwise in postures that leave you with a lot of tension.


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