Bed Frame Buying Guide – What to think about when buying a new bed frame?

Bed Frame Buying Guide – What to think about when buying a new bed frame?

Buying a bed is more complicated than it’s seems to be. It is the focal point of you most personal space where one spends his most of the time. So it should add decorative as well as relaxing factor to the room. Your bed should pass two basic criteria’s:

  • One is comfort which comes from type of mattress
  • Second is design which includes its type of frame.

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Mattress Types

Mattress should compliment the bed but with that it should not lack comfort. There are two types of mattresses

Box Spring Mattress: A Box Spring is a sort of bed base commonly comprising of a strong wooden casing shrouded in fabric and containing springs. Normally the case spring is put over a wooden or metal bed frame that sits on the floor and goes about as a support.

Slat Base: A Slat Bed Base is a sort of bed base commonly comprising of bulk of wooden slabs that give support surface for the latex mattress, spring or memory foam sits on these. These slats are movable and one can adjust according to firmness and ease.

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Frame Types

Bed outlines are a standout amongst the most essential household items in a house, as we spend altogether 33% of our lives resting. Purchasing a bed frame is a significant factor for having a decent evenings rest. Selecting bed frames is difficult because of wide range of choices.

Size: Size of mattress hence bed frame depends on the type of need i.e if needed for a child or growing up kids, teens or for couple. It also depends on the space available, size and dimensions of the room. Size plays an important role in room arrangements. Make sure that your mattress fits your frame.

Type of Material:  Several types of materials are now in market.

  • Wooden beds are in practice from 14th They give beds antique and traditional look. Classy carvings and texture make them unique. They warm up the room.
  • Metal frames are comparatively new in market. They are modernizing form of bed material. They give room more recent decorative touch. They are long lasting, easily movable due to lighter weight.
  • Then leather bed frames which are accessible in both veritable and false leather. The leather material can likewise come in various colors, for example, beige, dark, and darker. The edge itself is frequently made of hard wood, making it strong and solid, and is then regularly wrapped in leather layering over the principle system.

Height and Bulkiness of bed: in market, there are plenty of designs including canopy. So if you are selecting this type of design make sure you measure height.

Decorating style: Your bed should be according to your decorative style as well as the theme you are pulling in your room.

Bed Frames for Kids or Guest Room:  Bed frame designs should be according to place where they are supposed to be. Kid’s beds are different from couple beds and guest room beds are different then from kid’s bed.

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 In conclusion, knowing what types of materials and options are available in market can enhance the quality of perfect shopping. Research can give you the better insight of the product as well as price range of the product.

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