6 Annoying Health Side Effects of Sleeping on a Bad Mattress

A good night sleep is very crucial for a healthy life. A bad night sleep can cause drowsiness and headaches. Such short-term effects of a bad night sleep can be noticed as soon as a person wakes up. On the other hand, the long-term effects of continuously prevailing bad night sleeps take slightly longer to develop. The mattress that you sleep on plays a very important role in helping you fall and stay asleep. Your sleep may be uncomfortable if your mattress is too soft, too firm, not supportive enough or uncomfortable. In this article, we will share 6 annoying and potentially serious side effects of sleeping on a bad mattress.

  1. Drowsiness

A poor night sleep will usually cause tiredness and drowsiness. If the mattress that you sleep on is preventing you from falling asleep at night, it can effect your alertness throughout the day. Now one thing that you all must know is that feeling a little sleepy during the afternoon and particularly late in the evening is normal. But early or extreme drowsiness is not normal at all. A bad mattress can make you feel unnaturally tired during the day and may affect your work productivity.

  1. Backache

If your back hurts, a lot and quite often, then a low quality mattress can be a reason behind it. Because it may cause you to sleep in an unnatural posture that twists and strains your back. Your back can be injured if you twist awkwardly just to feel comfortable in your bed. In order to avoid such injuries, but a soft but supportive mattress. One that lets you sleep comfortably on your back or side.

  1. Weak Immune System

You may have noticed that you often become sick when you do not sleep enough. A low quality sleep at home can harmfully affect your immune system exposing you to fivers and other severe illnesses. In order to prevent such sicknesses, buy a mattress that gives you the comfort and support that you require to enjoy a great sleep.

  1. Heart Conditions

If you are not able to get eight hours of quality sleep every night because of a bad mattress then it can affect your cardiac health. According to a review published in famous European Heart Journal, short sleepers have a 48% risk of developing cardiac disease. Not being able to get enough sleep can increase the risk of stroke and high blood pressure. Replacing your bad, unsupportive and uncomfortable mattress and spending an extra hour in bed can help avoid several serious heart diseases.

  1. Memory Issues

Poor night sleeps can cause your memory to fade away because proper sleep plays a fundamental role in creating and retaining memories. If you are sleep deprived then you not only fail to recall memories but also fail to form new memories.

  1. Joint Soreness

Firm mattresses are usually though as being good for the posture, but actually, they are more likely to cause joint pain than the softer mattresses. A firm mattress that provides support is good but if you sleep on a mattress that is overly stiff, it will cause extra pressure on your bones. Hence leading towards joint soreness.


Three Important Things to Consider Before You Choose a Mattress

Having a sound sleep at night is necessary for a person’s health. Choosing a mattress that complements your body’s shape and is in accordance with its physical needs and sleeping patterns is very important. Moreover, your partner’s preferences and the budget you have are also some of the important considerations.


  1. Preparing to Purchase a Mattress

You must have the knowledge about the mattresses range and forms. We suggest you to do some research on these commonly available mattress options:

  1. Plush mattresses. These are made from a variety of materials and are sold at every different prices. The mattresses that are made of organic or natural fibers tend to be costly. You can choose between extra firm, firm, extra plush or plush mattresses, depending on how hard or soft you want your bed to be.
  2. Memory foam mattresses. These are made from a special material that holds your body shape while you are sleeping by molding according to the body shape when you lie down.
  3. Sleep number mattresses. These can be made softer or harder, as per your sleep requirements, with the touch of a button. These are divided into different zones. In this way, the side where your partner sleeps can have a different level of firmness than your side.

Do not be biased while choosing between a brand and a non-brand mattress. Yes, brand names can be better in terms of the quality, but that does not mean you should overlook the cheaper non-brand mattresses, as they can sometimes be equally competitive. It is just a matter of advertisements sometimes.

  1. Navigate the Mattress Stores

We recommend you to try several mattress stores. You can look online for the reviews of mattress stores in your area. In this way, you will have a broader view of the available store options. When you visit a mattress store, have a feel for different mattresses levels of thickness and firmness.  Remember, you do not feel comfortable on a mattress in a showroom, you probably will not feel better at your home.

Please make sure that the mattress you are going to purchase comes with a warranty. In this way, you will be able to return it back to the store if it turns out to be defective or if you change your mind.

  1. Confirm Your Decision

Once your mattress is home. Try it for a few days. If you are not able to sleep soundly, and feel achy or sore during the day this means that, your mattress is not providing the comfort and support that your body requires. It is an indication that you have to return the mattress. Because if you are not able to rest properly on your new bed, it is useless keeping it in home. After returning it back, you can start the process of choosing and buying a mattress again. You must now wissely consider the factors that made the old one inappropriate for your needs.

How To Buy A Non toxic mattress

Getting around the Toxic Fire-Resistant’s

How to Buy A Non-Toxic Mattress
How to Buy A Non-Toxic Mattress

As per many country laws, the mattresses are required to contain fire-resistant materials. Unluckily, the cheapest and the most common way to make a mattress fire-resistant is to drench it in toxic chemicals. Luckily, there are a few alternatives available in the market:

Various organic mattresses are available in the market, which pass the fire standards by using wool. Because wool is a fiber and it has natural fire retardant properties. For this purpose, many companies use only pure wool. But some black sheep’s still exist in the mattress industry which use the wool with chemical treatments in order to boost the wool’s fire resistance.

Unfortunately, some of the naturally occurring elements in the sheepskin are thought to create toxic sleeping conditions. However, we cannot say this definitively, but we so believe that organic wool may be different. More on what we discovered about the “naturally occurring” wool chemicals will be discussed later in this article.

Some other workarounds include using boric acid or hydrated silica. We think that using hydrated silica is fine, but we personally would recommend you to avoid boric acid. It may be a great natural way to deal with the roaches, but it is still a roach killer!


Beware of the Misleading Organic Product Labels

Just because a mattress company claims to sell organic mattresses. It does not mean that it is non-toxic. Actually, this depends on the materials used in the mattress. We can call a mattress organic if it contains organic components like organic cotton filling or an organic cotton surface fabric. Some of the organic mattresses have an organic cotton filling with a vinyl covering. Such mattresses have all the right to be called organic mattresses. However, because these mattresses have a vinyl covering and most likely some chemical fire retardants as well, we obviously cannot call them the “Healthy Mattresses”.


Therefore, we recommend you to check into all the materials used in the mattress. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be quite difficult to get full disclosure from the manufacturer or the retailer. You must keep in mind the following things:

How to Buy A Non-Toxic Mattress
How to Buy A Non-Toxic Mattress


Wool covers may be water-resistant but they are not 100% waterproof

Remember that if your mattress has a cotton layer underneath the wool it can get wet and mildew. To avoid this, we advise you to go with a naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and anti-microbial natural latex mattress. In addition, you can also consider buying an organic mattress with a waterproof layer made of low-density polyethylene.

Latex may contain certain proteins that are allergenic

Latex used in the mattresses is not 100% pure. There is always some chemical processing done to convert the latex into a foam block. Many mattresses are called natural latex, which actually are a blend of natural rubber and toxic chemicals. Therefore, if you want to buy a latex mattress for your baby, you must dig deep to find the mattress that is as pure as possible.


Lastly, if you cannot afford a new non-toxic mattress then it is not wise to replace the old one with a conventional mattress. We probably would not recommend you to do so. Though it contains less fungus and bacteria, but the smell that it comes with is an indication that it is off-gassing tons of chemicals into the air. If we were you, we would rather wrap our old mattresses and start saving for a better one down the road.


Mattress buying guide

We assume if you are reading this guide, then you are definitely planning to purchase a new mattress. There may be several intentions behind this purchase. Maybe your current mattress is not comfortable and you wake up tired or maybe you just want a bigger size mattress. In each case, our goal is to help you select the right mattress so you do not regret wasting your money on a worthless mattress in the future.  In this article, we will discuss some basics that are essential to consider for selecting the right mattress.

Mattress buying guide
Mattress buying guide

Choosing the Right Mattress

What are the characteristics that one should look for while purchasing a new mattress?  Well, a mattress should be structured such that it keeps you in proper alignment while not causing any pressure to the body. There are some major and minor factors to look for while selecting a mattress. We are going to discuss these factors briefly.

  1. The Major Mattress Factors

Support and comfort are the two major factors to look for in a new mattress.

Testing for Support in a Mattress

Support is the most important factor to look for while finding the right mattress. Human body is not straight. It has curves. People have different sleeping patterns. Some sleep on their back, others sleep on their side, or stomach.  A mattress must support the body’s curves and arches. Just as a good shoe will have arch support. Consider the following image:


You can see that the mattress dips down around her hips and shoulders, but the spine is in proper alignment. If the mattress is too hard, your hips and shoulders would be pushed up and your spine would not be straight. Sleeping in such a position for too long may cause severe backache. The exact consequences would occur if the mattress is too soft. You will sleep on it like a hammock. A mattress should contour to the shape of your body and hold it in its neutral alignment.

Testing for Comfort in a Mattress

Comfort is the second most important criteria to look for while selecting the right mattress. A good mattress is a pressure reliever. A hard mattress causes pressure to your body as it cuts off circulation and pinches nerves. If this occurs, you will have to change your positions frequently.



  1. The Minor Mattress Factors

The minor criteria that you should look for when searching for a good mattress are:

Motion Transfer

If you have to share your bed with a partner, then minimizing the motion transfer is a major concern. If the mattress transfers too much motion to your side of the bed then you will always be at a risk of waking up. Especially if your partner gets in or out of bed, or changes positions. We recommend you to try the mattress with your partner in the store to check how much motion your feel when your partner switch positions while your back is turned.

Edge Support 

The mattress should have a strong edge support, especially if you sit or sleep near the edge of the bed. Most of the mattresses use an upgraded foam encasement around the edge, but some of the cheap mattress varieties use a steel rod on the side. Foam encasement, in this case, is a better option.

Bed is an important part of pressure injury prevention

In order to prevent and treat pressure injuries, one has to be strategically proactive in the selection of beds. Careful consideration in this regard is vital and should be a part of ones individualized pressure management strategy and plan. Understanding the specifications of a bed, especially its support surface, is a very important part of a pressure injury treatment and prevention program. Every person needs different support surface properties; one must take into account the individual risk factors, their varying levels of tissue tolerance, and the current pressure area(s), if any.

Bed is an important part of pressure injury prevention
Bed is an important part of pressure injury prevention

The pressure relieving foam mattresses come in different range patterns, from low specification mattress to high specification mattress – a low standard specification mattress will not meet all pressure injury prevention requirement. A support surface that provides shear reduction, enhanced pressure redistribution and microclimate control is essential for a very high-level pressure care.
When considering the type of support surface that a customer may require as per his individual requirements, it is very important to consider the pressure injury risk factors, body mass, body temperature, transfers/ mobility, comfort and moisture.

When considering the most appropriate pressure management plan, we advise you to match the pressure care requirements of an individual to both the bed and the mattress. It is wise to consider the amount of profiling that each bed and mattress allows for, as the greater ability to profile provides increased repositioning ability and pressure redistribution. Using a frame that conforms to one’s body shape, posture, and lying position, supports the natural anatomical positioning and increases the envelopment properties.  Moreover, the mattress compensation within a bed protects an individual’s skin integrity.

Important Considerations While Selecting a Support Surface

It is very crucial to select and purchase a support surface that fulfills the individual’s needs. The below mentioned factors may help to consider the pressure redistribution needs of an individual.

  • Take into account the individual’s level of inactivity and immobility and inactivity;
  • Consider the individual’s need for shear reduction and microclimate control;
  • Size and weight of the individual is also an important consideration while selecting a support surface;
  • Risk for the development of new pressure injuries matters a lot; and
  • The location of existing pressure injurie(s), number, and its severity must also be considered.

The pressure redistributing support surfaces are specially designed to reduce the interface pressure i.e., to increase the body surface area that comes in contact with the support or to sequentially adjust the parts of the individual’s body that bear load, hence decreasing the duration of loading at any given anatomical site.

Instead of using a non-high specification reactive foam mattress, use a high specification reactive foam mattress for all the individuals assessed as being at risk for pressure injuries. It is important to review the characteristics of mattresses that are used in the facility for pressure injury prevention to ensure that they are high specification foam mattresses. Consider using other reactive support surfaces for the individuals that are at risk of pressure injury development.

For individuals at a high risk of pressure injury development, use an active support surface (overlay or mattress). Especially when frequent manual repositioning is not possible. When selecting an alternating pressure mattress one should consider the pressure injury risk, individual’s comfort requirement, and foam effectiveness that is determined through regular skin assessments.

How to Choose a Mattress

Purchasing a new bed is a daunting process. There are so many things that we need to consider before bringing a new bed home. These minor considerations can sometimes be overwhelming. So many mattress varieties are available in the market and they all look almost the same. Choosing the best mattress from these identical white mattresses is a very tough job because they may all look the same but not all of them have the specifications that you desire. Consequently, you are most likely to feel confused and overwhelmed. Chances are that your initial excitement may disappear as soon as you enter the mattress shop. But we have a good news for everyone who is considering to purchase a new mattress. We are going to provide a guide on the important things to consider when buying a new mattress.

How to Choose a Mattress
How to Choose a Mattress

The Partner Disturbance Issue

If you are sharing your bed with a partner then his/her disturbance will be an issue. Everyone has his/her own sleeping style and this difference may result in poor sleep patterns. Because of their partner’s sleeping movements many people often suffer from interrupted sleep. In order to minimize this issue it is wise to purchase a bed made of materials that balance the weight. Purchase a bed that does not bounce or creak every time you or your partner move.

Find the Right Support Provider

A proper support-providing mattress is vital to a healthy sleep. Find a mattress that gently supports your body at all points and keeps your spine in a neutral position. This helps to avoid spinal aches in the morning. Pay attention to your pressure points such as your shoulders, hips, and lower back. For its excellence in postural design, the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association endorses Torquezone spring system.

Durability Is the Key

There is an old saying, “You get what you pay for”.  This applies to mattresses as in everything else. If you economize and compromise on your mattress quality chances are that you might be paying later with a premature wear and tear. A mattress does not last forever, but if you invest in one that is of high quality then you will get your money’s worth.

Prevent Allergies

It is surprising but a bed can be a source of allergies in your home. If you or your partner is prone to allergies, it is important to have a bed that uses hypoallergenic materials that are anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant.


When looking for a mattress, spend a few minutes lying on them for a test. You must trust your body when choosing a comfortable mattress. Since you spend around one third of your life lying on a mattress, take your time when buying a new one.

Environmental Concerns

People are now becoming more environmentally conscious. When choosing a new bed all they have in their minds is that, the mattress material should be gentle on the environment.  For this purpose, the DreamFoam material shines above the rest. It has a leading-edge carbon filtering system, which removes harmful emissions and toxins immediately.