What are the Difference between PU Leather and Genuine Leather? – NZ Market

When we go for shopping in the NZ markets to buy a leather belt or anything made up of leather we see there are is some variety in their types. Leather is very much popular in Europe as it is an excellent material to wear or use in winter for example: leather shoes, gloves, jackets. The leather shoes and jackets are so much useful during winters and we also see the fish sellers wearing leather booths so you see you can use leather as a fashion wear and also for your job. There are gent’s belts that are made from genuine leather and at the same time in the same market perhaps you will see belt of many other materials that look like leather but are actually not leather. Here we are going to discuss two types of leathers, the PU or Polly leather and the genuine leather.  PU leather is the artificial or manufactured leather. There is a lot of difference between real leather and PU leather that one can understand from reading the bullets in the table below. In order to understand the difference between a PU leather and a genuine leather it is important to have proper knowledge of both the kinds. The experts say that the ones who know the difference know how to deal with the sellers during the purchase.

Often we see that the sellers trick their buyers during the purchase. For example when a buyer goes to buy the genuine leather the seller hands the leather object with a piece of cloth that is used to attach the back of the leather like chemical.  However this is not the only way to determine the difference. The experienced buyers of sellers know that a pure leather has a smooth surface. The reason behind is that the genuine leather is made up of animal hide. Animal hide is the skin of the animal that is went through under some chemical process to make it be available for the best of the consumers. Usually there are many animal such as camel, goat, sheep whose skin is used to make leather products but the skin of cows and buffaloes are the most common ones.

PU Leather

  • PU leather is relatively cheaper
  • PU material is less durable
  • This material is extremely pliable
  • PU leather has shiny appearance and generally is far less thick than genuine leather
  • PU leather requires very little maintenance such as cleaning and wiping.
  • It is always man made and not animal skin. Artificial in nature.

Genuine Leather

  • Genuine is expensive
  • Genuine Leather is very durable
  • It is not very pliable
  • Real leather is obtained by the treatment of animal skin

Despite the fact that the leather comes in many different forms, I believe that when you speak of a real leather, you are talking about the full-grain leather that has not been sanded, split, nor treated with any special compounds (excluded with the tanning process) that would decrease from the original thickness, strength, or durability



Shall I Choose Slat Bed Base or Box Spring?

Discussions forums are loaded with the arguments on which mattress type should be prefer over other. Choice of Slat bed base or box spring depends merely on personal opinion and preferences. Both possess some benefits and hindrances. Further in this article, for better insight of reader, I will discuss advantages and disadvantages of both.

Box Spring Bed Base

A Box Spring is a sort of bed base commonly comprising of a strong wooden casing shrouded in fabric and containing springs. Normally the case spring is put over a wooden or metal bed frame that sits on the floor and goes about as a support.

As the structure of Box Spring have springs that will act as shock absorber hence save mattress from damages and prevent sagging. This will increase the life of mattress and reduces the variable cost.
Due to heavy weight, Box Spring does not move. And as it is in solid block its obstacle to shift give it’s a good edge
Its tendency to less brokerage and hold up bouncing makes it perfectly suitable for families with kids.

  • Disadvantages
    They certainly are not an eye candy. They come in one type of designs certainly not preferable for most of the customer who have good taste for designs.
    No perks of extra storage space.
    Where its weight is virtue, it is also a vice when it comes to airing the mattress or shifting it.
    Box mattress is high cost. This can be arguing over high quality but having high cost is always a disadvantage.
    It has high degree of metal that can be injurious to health.



Slat Bed Base

A Slat Bed Base is a sort of bed base commonly comprising of bulk of wooden slabs that give support surface for the latex mattress, spring or memory foam sits on these. These slats are movable and one can adjust according to firmness and ease.


  • Advantages
    Slats bed bases make eye catching and trendy designs that cannot be make with use of Box Spring Mattress.
    In the era of congestion, Slat Bed Base gives an extra storage space below the bed.
    Airing mattress with slat base is a lot easier as compare to box spring mattress.
    Slats are low cost.
    It’s easier to move and shift
    It has a less degree of metal that is so far consider better for health.
  • Disadvantages
    Slat bed base reduces the life time of mattress if not given proper support. It cannot absorb shock, putting mattress of risk of damage.
    Slats can shift, move and break they need constant maintenance.
    Slats are not flexible hence tends to break quickly with bouncing.


Both of the bases have their own advantages and disadvantages and conclusion come over two basic point’s Convenience and Quality. These both mattresses serve their different purposes. Main specification of Spring Box Mattress in shock absorber likewise it is a shock absorber for your body. Whereas Slats bed space provides u convenience by providing extra storage space, easily movable, less costive and give decorative form to your room. It’s all about what kind of thing you need in your room. but in my view choose Box spring mattress unless you need to choose slats depending on situation.

New Zealand Standard Bed Sizes and Common Bed Designs & NZ Bed Size

Standard of bed sizes depends on the size of mattress, which differ from nation to nation. Mattress actual size may vary due softness or hardness of the material used. They also have layer contouring that is common in this type of furniture. Bed sizes likewise differ as per the size and level of ornamentation of the bed outline. Measurements and names differ significantly around the globe, with most nations having their own gauges and phrasing. There is more variety in New Zealand bed sizes than in Australian sizes with lengths and widths adjusted to both cycle 10cms and to royal estimations. As metrication turns out to be more imbued into society it is likely that sizes adjusted to 5 and 10 centimeters will turn into the standard. Selecting perfectly suited bed is a tricky business.

Marketers breakdown bed spectrum on the basis of size, design, texture, features and material. Purpose of it is to examine and categorize, effectively.

  • Standard sizes in Newzealand vary from single, king single, double, queen, king to super king. Every bed size is formed by keeping distinct purpose to serve from children to adults though preferences among Queen and King size is mere personal objectivity.

  • Different design gives recognizable features to bed that oftenly becomes their selling point.
  • In addition to these two key factors other factors also contributes like texture, tone and feel of the furniture

Sizes of Bed

  • Single 39”x 75”: It is also known as twin bed, best for one child or single medium heighted adult. It is perfect for guest room or smaller spaces.


  • Size: King Single: 39”x 80”:it is also knows as twin bed XL. XL stands for extra large; adds about5 inches in single bed size. It is equal to king bed divided in to two single beds.Its bed for the growing up kids as single bed does not support teenager sleepeffectively.

coffee tables

  • Size: Double  54″x 75″:Thirty- forty years back it was considered asfull two adult sized bed when rooms were smaller as compare to today. Inpresent, it is used for single person or small rooms. It can be utilized fortwo persons. It’s almost the length of single bed.
  • Size:     Queen 60”x 80”:This is most popular bed today holding larger sales. Most exchanges aremake for Queen Size beds in Newzealand as well. It is perfect for two peoplewho like to save some space in the room. It is also popular for heavy sleepersingle adults.
  • Size: King 76”x 80”:This gives extra sixteen inches extra spaceadded to queen size in width as well length is equal to queen size bed. Ideal forcouple shares their bed with children or pets. It is suitable for large rooms.
  • Size:     Super King 72’’ x 84:Also known as California King. This sizes in far most the biggest sizeand customized made on customer demands. It gives enough space to a 6’3” personto spread around.

On the basis of demographics Newzealand have above mentioned standard sizes, ready to consume according to need. Many guides are available online for teaching customer which size they should prefer. Single beds are basically for children but of you have growing up children better is to choose king single bed. As for Queen size is good for couple but if couple who prefer personal sleeping space king and super king should be their first choice.

Most Popular Bed Designs, Materials and Features

Choosing a bed is more than just identifying the appropriate size for ones need. Trending and eye-catching designs, right material and up to date features also plays a vital role in selection for furniture.

Bed Designs

An overall look and a decorative pattern of a bed is what called a design. An ideal design is what defines actual structure and for of frame itself. Some of the trending designs are notify below:

  • Platform: A platform bed comprises of a frame made of flexible, movable rows of wood slats or latticed structure. It is slightly above the ground to support mattress ventilation. This frame provides enough support for a mattress purging the need of box spring mattress base.



  • Folding: Folding frame has a hinged structure and can be move around. This makes it useful for smaller places and guest bed rooms.


  • Panel: It consists of a foot and head boards connected by wooden rails. It gives a traditional and classy look to the bed. It can be found in wide range of polish color choices and also in only headboard versions.

  • Sleigh: Sleigh bed have wave-shaped design in their head and foot boards giving them a sleigh These beds have heavy wood structure. They have a historic background of French and American Empire 19th century periods.

  • Murphy: Its two in one design specially made to save extra space. Provide you with spacious cabinets and fold in single bed.


  • Trundle: This is another space saving idea. It gives you pair of bed. One is of standard size and other is slight small-slide in below the standard bed. It provides you an extra bed when needed.



  • Standard: It is a simple bed design with a metal frame.



  • Day: This bed design is again a space saving idea which can serves as couch in day and can be converted in bed late at night.


  • Poster: These are traditional beds with four vertical columns at each corner usually supporting upper panel.



  • Canopies have the same concept as poster except it is more decorative and funky.



Frame Material

Another consideration while purchasing a bed is frame material. Bed materials that are famous and most commonly used are as follow:

  • Metal: Metal material is saturated with the essence of modern age; give more versatility, lightness and oftenly fits well
  • Wood: Wood is the most historical and commonly used material in the history of furniture. It gives bed an antique and sophisticated look.
  • Wicker Rattan: its composition includes plants or plastic material is woven into harder substance giving it a lighter weight.



Other features that matters before purchase of s bed are

  • Upholstered headboard adds comfort, luxury and decorative factor to bed.
  • Good finishing of polish and other things add selling points to the product.
  • Extra storage space is always welcome. It adds the significant value to furniture.
  • Bookcase addition with the headboard is definitely a point addition.
  • Lighted headboards give a very sophisticated fancy taste to the bed.


The reason for this article was to enable purchasers to discover and buy a bed outline that is ideal for their living space and their financial plan. Purchasers can shop all the more productively when they recognize what is accessible, what to search for, and how to discover it. Despite what style, shape, and size individuals pick, the bed casing ought to be picked with mind since they can represent the moment of truth the vibe of the room and they are not effectively supplanted.


Furniture You Would Need for Your Bedroom

A bedroom is a place for relaxation after a long tiring day. This is the place where a person spends most of his time so it is very important to have a good relaxing, comfortable design. Bed is the basic room furniture that ultimately becomes focal point of the room. But it is not enough, a bed need other accessories to complete and complement the room. Good choice of accessories and fine sense of arrangement gives room elegant ornamental, comfort and sophistication.  For example right choice of colors and theme, wood and art work rugs, side tables, chairs etc

Following are some of the accessories that a bedroom needs.

Floating Shelf: It is a type of movable table design for people who are use to rest their cell phones or alarm clock. It can be shift to anyplace convenient to them.

Rug: A soft and squashy rug gives a room comfort as well as a style to a room. It is always pleasant to put your foot on a soft rug rather than on cold floor.

Low Bed Side Tables: These bedside tables are best to accompany your bed. It can have drawers for  storage of extra stuff. It is also friendly to shift as they are not attached to basic bed frame. Night stands can also be placed on these side tables. They add a decorative taste to your room.

bed room furniture

Under Bed Storage Boxes:  These are small compartments that can be place under bed for extra storage space. These are best way to keep your room neat by keeping all the lose stuff under your bed.

Sitting Foot in Front of Bed: having something to sit in front of bed adds luxury to the room.

Coffee Table: As room is the best place to relax and most of the people likes to relax with coffee or tea or anything to eat. So it’s nice to have a small table and chair to put food and eat conveniently. Coffee table is also a heavenly place for reader.

coffee tables

Wardrobe, Dresser and Cabinets: comfortable spaces are where you can put all your stuff including your clothes, shoes makeup and other necessities. For this a spacious wardrobe, dresser and cabinets are a need.

Desk Side Office Area: Room should have a bed side office area for work and study at home. As room are the most personal area in home and most of the time a person spends here so it should have all the necessary objects that are part of a person’s life and work is one of them.

Couch or Chairs:  These also add luxury to the room as well as provide a decent place to sit.

Large Mirror: Rooms are also our personal beauty salons so it’s important that they have a large mirror moreover they add decoration and elegance to the room.



Rooms are the most personal spaces a person owns so they should be a reflection of their personality. It should be a place that can sooth them, that shows their personal priorities exactly as they own them. Again how to decorate and arrange their spaces in their matter of choice

Bed Frame Buying Guide – What to think about when buying a new bed frame?

Bed Frame Buying Guide – What to think about when buying a new bed frame?

Buying a bed is more complicated than it’s seems to be. It is the focal point of you most personal space where one spends his most of the time. So it should add decorative as well as relaxing factor to the room. Your bed should pass two basic criteria’s:

  • One is comfort which comes from type of mattress
  • Second is design which includes its type of frame.

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Mattress Types

Mattress should compliment the bed but with that it should not lack comfort. There are two types of mattresses

Box Spring Mattress: A Box Spring is a sort of bed base commonly comprising of a strong wooden casing shrouded in fabric and containing springs. Normally the case spring is put over a wooden or metal bed frame that sits on the floor and goes about as a support.

Slat Base: A Slat Bed Base is a sort of bed base commonly comprising of bulk of wooden slabs that give support surface for the latex mattress, spring or memory foam sits on these. These slats are movable and one can adjust according to firmness and ease.

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Frame Types

Bed outlines are a standout amongst the most essential household items in a house, as we spend altogether 33% of our lives resting. Purchasing a bed frame is a significant factor for having a decent evenings rest. Selecting bed frames is difficult because of wide range of choices.

Size: Size of mattress hence bed frame depends on the type of need i.e if needed for a child or growing up kids, teens or for couple. It also depends on the space available, size and dimensions of the room. Size plays an important role in room arrangements. Make sure that your mattress fits your frame.


Type of Material:  Several types of materials are now in market.

  • Wooden beds are in practice from 14th They give beds antique and traditional look. Classy carvings and texture make them unique. They warm up the room.
  • Metal frames are comparatively new in market. They are modernizing form of bed material. They give room more recent decorative touch. They are long lasting, easily movable due to lighter weight.
  • Then leather bed frames which are accessible in both veritable and false leather. The leather material can likewise come in various colors, for example, beige, dark, and darker. The edge itself is frequently made of hard wood, making it strong and solid, and is then regularly wrapped in leather layering over the principle system.

Height and Bulkiness of bed: in market, there are plenty of designs including canopy. So if you are selecting this type of design make sure you measure height.

Decorating style: Your bed should be according to your decorative style as well as the theme you are pulling in your room.

Bed Frames for Kids or Guest Room:  Bed frame designs should be according to place where they are supposed to be. Kid’s beds are different from couple beds and guest room beds are different then from kid’s bed.

buy right furniture

 In conclusion, knowing what types of materials and options are available in market can enhance the quality of perfect shopping. Research can give you the better insight of the product as well as price range of the product.